Constance is an (almost) no-cost short sleeved cardigan inspired to 1930’s fashion.


Constance Bennett

It’s named after Constance Bennett, the talented American actress born in a Thespian family and famous in her  heyday (in 1930’s) for being the best dressed actress in Hollywood (she was ready to admit that the most of the time people flocked to cinemas only to comment her fabulous gowns).

This little short sleeved cardigan has a revers collarand it’s closed with two buttons on the waist band.

It’s made in red lace weight 100% gassed mercerized cotton yarn ( part of the remains of Carole) and knitted with straight 2 mm needles.


I used a single strand of yarn for the laced bodice and a double strand of yarn for ribbed bands and collar (not separated from the bodice), this way, and adding the proper ease, I could grant the right “weight” to every part of my cardigan and have the perfect fitting (tough this made this particular cardigan a bit more complicated than my other designs).

Constance and the needles

Constance and the needles

The collar

The collar

Weeping leafs lace

Weeping leafs lace

The buttons

The buttons

Here is the list of materials I used:

  • 150 gr of  red lace weight 100% gassed mercerized cotton yarn;

  • straight needles 2mm;

  • 2 vintage buttons;

  • yarn needle.

…and the stitches:

  • tubular cast on and bind off – doublestrand;
  • 1k/1p ribs (edges and collar) – double strand;
  • weeping leafs lace (bodice and sleeves) – single strand (watch chart).

Weeping leafs lace chart

Weeping leafs lace chart (click to enlarge it)

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  1. I adore this cardigan… wonderful design and workwomanship!

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