In this page you’ll find links to my knitting projects, for more info just click on the name beside the photos.

In questa pagina troverete i link ai miei progetti di maglia, per maggiori informazioni fate click sul collegamento sotto al nome.


Bette  Bette 

(versione Italiana)

…my new no-cost sweater with a 1940ish look, named after Bette Davis…


(versione Italiana)

Louise is another no-cost knitting sweater,

This time I’ve been inspired from 1920′s…


(versione italiana)

Carole is a knitting and sewing project. It’s made of a top, knitted in red and ecru …


(versione italiana)

Joan is a navy inspired cotton top knitted in Night Blue and Red cotton yarn….

GreenC insiemefGreen Clara

(versione italiana)

Green Clara is a woollen green sweater inspired to 1920’s, the era of prohibition, jazz, speakeasies…


Easy Clint Poncho

(versione italiana)

Easy Clint is a knitted poncho….

Cardigans and Jackets


(versione italiana)

Farrah is a loose-fitting buttonless cardigan with swal collar and long sleeves…

insieme KN LucyLucy

(versione italiana)

Lucy is my no-cost woollen jacket. It’s made with recycled bulky red wool yarn  ..

Constance insiemefConstance

(versione italiana)

Constance is an (almost) no-cost short sleeved cardigan inspired to 1930’s fashion…



(versione italiana)

Goldie is my woolly little black dress…


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    Really like your sweater design!!! Awesome.

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  11. Thanks for the blog love. I need to start knitting!! You’re truly inspiring! I look forward to reading!

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    Fantastic things you’ve made, they are all really great! Thanks for liking my blog 🙂

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