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Green Clara

Green Clara is a woollen green sweater inspired to 1920’s.


Clara Bow

It was  the era of prohibition, jazz, speakeasies (where people could find all the illegal booze they were looking for),  gangsters (who prospered thanks to prohibition) and flappers (the girls who shorten hair and skirts hem), quite an eventful period both in fashion and society.

The sweater is named after actress Clara Bow, the “hottest jazz baby in film”, the first and original “IT girl”, as she was called after starring in 1927 silent movie “IT”, and surely one of the most successful actresses of her era, whose star shone bright for a short season and soon fade away before she could turn thirty.

Green Clara has a straight and sporty line, brightened up by an asymmetric neckline and decorative side fins both finished with rectangular button in a paler shade of green. Long, tubular sleeves are finished with a reversed cuff.

GreenClara and the Needlesf

Green Clara and the (almost)straight needles

It has been knitted in a super fine green pure wool yarn using straight needles 2,5 mm (for ribbed edges) and 3mm for bodice and sleeves. To enliven the front bodice using a crossed stitch I made a sort of graphic decorative panel.



The asymmetric neckline is finished with  a ribbed band edge knitted separately (using 2,5mm needles) and then joined to the bodice with a backstitch seam.

Green Clara neck

Green Clara has been made using a patterns I drafted using my body’s measurements, not standard sizes. Nonetheless, reference sizes could be size XS.

Here is the list of materials I used:

  •  350 gr of green super fine pure wool;
  • straight needles 2,5mm (edges);

  • straight needles 3mm (bodice and sleeves);

  • 4 rectangular buttons;

  • yarn needle.

and stitches:

  •  tubular cast on and bind off ;
  • 1k/1p ribs (edges and collar);

  • simple vertical lines (chart 1)

  • crossed stitches net (chart 2).

Chart 1 (click to enlarge)

Chart 1 (click to enlarge)

Chart 2 (click to enlarge)

Chart 2 (click to enlarge)

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