Easy Clint

Easy Clint is a knitted Poncho named after Clint Eastwood, the only actor with a poncho I know (watch Sergio Leone’s films). I made it using a Venetian Red fine  new wool.

It is easy and quick to be made.

Beside you can see the sketch this project started from.

Below an image showing a different way to wear it.

These are the materials used:

  • 800 gr of Venetian Red fine new wool,
  • 1 wooden button;
  • Needles 5mm;
  • Crochet 4 mm;
  • yarn needle.

Easy Clint & the Needles


  • Double seed stitch;
  • 1K/1p ribs;
  • Single crochet.

I made Easy Clint using the simple poncho’s pattern you can see below.

The Easy Clint Poncho schematic

The measurements are referred to a woman wearing an XS miss petite size, if you want to reply it and make a poncho that looks like the one I designed, just remember to verify the proportions (experimenting with an old blanket for instance).

I knitted the rectangles using two threads of wool yarn together and I finished the edges with a single crochet row. Then I joined them together as shown in the scheme using the crochet hook.

I completed the neck sewing a 1k/1p ribbed band (knitted using once again a double thread of wool yarn) and then sewing on it an ornamental wooden button.

Finally I finished the Easy Clint Poncho edges with a fringe.

The fringe

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15 responses »

  1. animalartist says:

    Bellisimo! I will crochet in a similar stitch.

  2. craftandchat says:

    I really admire that you design your own patterns and sketch them too. You are really talented. I love the deep red color! What is the word for poncho in Italian?

  3. This post is wonderful. I love the red, your sketches, the photos (how on earth did you manipulate them? Well done!

  4. suth2 says:

    A beautiful poncho.

  5. experiencelaughterandlove says:

    I believe I feel in love with this poncho on first sight. I thought about knitting myself one, and seeing this, I may do it.

  6. swindence says:

    Love the poncho! As the others said, the red is wonderful. You are quite an artist!

  7. Love it! I don’t know how to crochet, but I bet I could work out something similar by knitting. This is a great inspiration to something I would enjoy making and wearing. Thanks for sharing.

  8. askirtaweek says:

    My favorite!!! I will have to learn to crochet just so I can do this one!

  9. Clint would have looked even better in this poncho!

  10. anjig says:


  11. Blonde.Nik says:

    Beautiful, I love it!

  12. nandiaf says:

    That’s gorgeous! My mother knits a lot, and I love her handmade sweaters, but never got around to doing it myself.

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