Louise is another no-cost knitting sweater.

This time I’ve been inspired from 1920’s, a period when clothes became more functional and comfortable for women.

I named it after the  actress Louise Brooks, star of many silent films and 1920’s style icon.

Here you can see the sketch I made starting this project.

In the pictures below you can see details of Louise.




The neckline

The sleeve

The waistline

It’s a sweater with a loose-fitting simple straight line, deep V neckline with sewn band edge, short sleeves with a reversed edge. It’s completed with a knitted loose-fitting belt  fastened with a carabiner.

The carabiner

Louise the belt and the needles

I knitted it for a XS size using:

  • 300 gr of super fine pure wool (recycled) yarn in venetian red;
  • Needles: 2,5mm (for ribbed band edges) and 3mm (for bodice and sleeves);
  • yarn needle;
  • 1 metal carabiner and 2 chained rings;
  • 85cm approx. of grosgrain ribbon (width 2cm)to be sewn into the belt. 
  • Double-pointed needles 3mm (To make an I-cord 4,5 m- long then twisted into a 1,5m long braid and fixed to the carabiner and rings to make the belt.)

Sewing the neck

The belt

Diamond laced motif

Stitches used:

  • 2k/2p ribs (edges);
  • Stockinette stitch (back bodice);
  • Diamond laced motif (front bodice and sleeves – see chart).

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11 responses »

  1. wistarria says:

    Beautiful work. I am a huge fan of old movies too 🙂 Very inspirational 🙂

  2. molivermade says:

    Love the stitch

  3. Jacki Dilley says:

    Such a beautiful lace pattern. You do nice work. I’ll be back to see more of your work.

  4. This is so beautiful! Thanks for sharing all the details!

  5. Me encantó la blusa, el estilo, la puntada y sobre todo me parece muy original que le pongas nombre a la prenda evocando a actrices o actores.
    El cinto es fabuloso!! Saludos!

  6. Liz says:

    As always, Louise is beautiful and your knitting is the thing of dreams! Congratulations!

  7. askirtaweek says:

    Beautiful lacy pattern. I admire people who can knit and design! Thanks for stopping by my website too.

  8. Love your sketches !!!

  9. maiknits2 says:

    Beautiful top! Do you sell your pattern? I think you should 🙂

    • Ella V says:

      Thank you. Unfortunately I don’t sell patterns. I can’t read patterns and that’s the reason why, already designing my clothing and being able to draft patterns for sewing, I preferred to find a way to make my knitting patterns myself (I also wrote something to try to explain how a few months ago when making Farrah).

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