“I’m tired, I’m utterly exhausted and I need holiday.”

Julia Lambert

From: Being Julia – 2004

Unfortunately I can’t go on holiday, I can’t afford it, but I desperately need to recharge my battery so I’m going to take a holiday from my usual activities, blog included…

I’ll be back in September. See you soon.

“Sono stanca, completamente esausta e ho bisogno di una vacanza!”

Julia Lambert

Da: La diva Julia – 2004

Purtroppo una vera vacanza non posso proprio permettermela, ma siccome ho un disperato bisogno di ricaricare le batterie mi prenderò una vacanza dalle mie consuete attività, blog compreso…

Ci risentiamo ai primi di Settembre. A presto.

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  1. Good luck and enjoy time off. It’s always necessary! Ciao LisaK 😉

  2. I know the feeling. They say a change is as good as a rest, I hope it works for you. Enjoy the break.

  3. textileshed says:

    You are clever, taking a break before you get sick and are forced to take one! I hope some rest will inspire you!

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