Goldie’s sketch

Have you ever tried to take a picture of a black garment with your small digital camera? There’s no problem if you’re not interested in showing all the details, otherwise…

Designing Goldie, my little black dress, I was more interested (as usual) in its shape and in how it could fit me than in realizing a complicated and challenging piece of knitting (I want to wear things I  knit!): the most of it, in fact, is knitted in stockinette stitch. Naturally, I wanted to add something that could catch the attention, so I designed a false bib-shaped yoke made with sequence of two different (and as usual very, very simple) cable stitches.

Here you can find the chart for them. As you can see I re-knitted a sample of these stitches in a different colour to show you all details (if you were here you could see them very well live, but…). Hope you like it.


are you able to see details?/riuscite a vedere i dettagli?


the chart

Avete mai provato a fotografare un abito nero con la vostra piccola macchina fotografica digitale? Non c’è nessun problema se non vi interessa fotografarne i particolari, altrimenti…

Disegnando Goldie, il mio “little black dress”, ero (come al solito) molto più interessata al suo taglio e a come mi sarebbe stato una volta finito piuttosto che alla sfida che avrebbe rappresentato realizzare un lavoro a maglia particolarmente complicato (le cose che faccio le voglio indossare!), ed infatti l’abito è realizzato quasi per intero a maglia rasata. Naturalmente volevo inserire un particolare che lo rendesse un po’ più interessante ed ho quindi disegnato un falso davantino realizzato con una successione di due diversi motivi intrecciati (come al solito molto, molto semplici).

Qui potete vedere lo schema che spiega come lavorare questi punti. Come potete notare ho realizzato  un piccolo campione con della lana un altro colore in modo da permettervi di distinguerne i dettagli (che dal vivo comunque si notano bene). Spero vi piaccia.

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Goldie: knitting a little black dress.

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I love old movies, rock music, books, art... I'm intrested in politics. I adore cats. I knit...

6 responses »

  1. Anne Bonney says:

    Lovely – thanks for the chart.

  2. imaginarylily says:

    It is hard to see the detail in the black knitted fabric 😦 but judging from the blue – it is gorgeous; I love your sketch, so elegant.

  3. lararthompson says:

    I can’t wait to see the finished product! I can’t knit but my mom loves to (and I’ll show her this stitch 🙂 ). Also: thank you thank you for the dual languages everywhere here. My grandfather was Italian and I shamefully never learned past 1-10, and, even worse, I have them confused with Spanish. Ciao ciao!

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