Red jacket before and after

Autumn has come (today is grey and windy here) and I’m starting designing my new woolly projects and guess what? I’m recycling again. So far it’s mostly a hard battle against my old red  woollen jacket (I love that colour, I can’t help it) you can admire with Lottie playing on it (it’s, or it was, the red thing you can see in the “about” page) that’s going to be reduced into wool balls, that will be a new jacket (when I’ll design a new pattern). I also have some violet wool(the gloomiest shade you can imagine) my mother gave me (she always buys too many wool when she wants to knit something), that’s waiting to be knitted and I have a couple of ideas to cheer it up. Well I’m back to wool and in a few more days I hope I could give you more info about my new projects.

L’autunno è arrivato (oggi qui il cielo è grigio e il vento è piuttosto impetuoso), io sto iniziando a disegnare i miei nuovi progetti lanosi e indovinate un po’? Sto di nuovo riciclando. Per il momento sto soprattutto conducendo una strenua battaglia contro la mia vecchia giacca di lana rossa (non ci posso fare niente, amo questo colore), che potete ammirare con Lottie che ci gioca sopra (è quella “roba” rossa che si vede anche nella pagina “About”), che sto riducendo in tante palle di lana che poi ridiventeranno una nuova giacca (non appena mi degnerò di disegnare il modello). C’é  poi della lana viola nella vivace tonalità “paramento funebre” (gentile omaggio di mia madre che ne aveva comprata per lei una quantità esagerata) che attende solo di essere utilizzata e ho un paio d’idee per “tirarla un po’ su”. Insomma sono tornata alla lana e tra qualche giorno probabilmente potrò darvi qualche informazione in più sui miei nuovi progetti.

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I love old movies, rock music, books, art... I'm intrested in politics. I adore cats. I knit...

10 responses »

  1. Anne Bonney says:

    Great cat – she looks good in red.

  2. Tina says:

    I look forward to seeing your project but I think your kitty will miss her cozy warmth 🙂

    • Ella V says:

      Lottie will be all right, she owns a complete set of woollen blankets and old shawls (her favourite colour is purple!)…

  3. Lovely colours for autumn!

    • Ella V says:

      Red is my favourite colour (I think watching the blog makes it quite evident), but violet hum…well, that’s a challenge!

  4. Yes, that is a gorgeous red colour!

  5. Jenny says:

    Oh that red is amazing. I find it hard to wear red because I have red hair, but I do really love it.

    • Ella V says:

      I hear my mother (who also has red hair) saying the same thing since I was a child, but I think red isn’t so bad with red hair…

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