This morning at 9,00 a new earthquake here in northern Italy. It seemed just like the 20th of May’s quake. Here everything was shaking, the floor, the furniture, everything, but where I live, fortunately, it just cause a great fear , though some building and school had been evacuated. The epicenter was once again in Emilia-Romagna where new victims are feared, while it is quite sure that there are lots of new damages and collapsed buildings. I’m feeling right now a new mild aftershock.

Nuovo terremoto alle 9,00 di questa mattina nell’Italia del Nord. Sembrava forte come la scossa del 20 Maggio. Qui tutto tremava, il pavimento, i mobili, tutto, ma dove vivo  fortunatamente ha causato solo tanta paura, anche se alcuni palazzi ed alcune scuole sono stati evacuati. L’epicentro è stato ancora in Emilia-Romagna dove purtroppo si temono nuove vittime, mentre sono certi nuovi danni e crolli. Prorpio ora una nuova scossa lieve.

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  1. CoursesAndWales says:

    Stay safe!

    • Ella V says:

      Thank you, I’m fine, where I live it’s all Ok, though we also shake for the aftershocks. In Emilia the situation is really dramatic and death toll is rising.

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