The last two days have been horrible.

Tonight at about 4 a.m. an earthquake shook the northern Italy. I’ve been one of those lucky ones that only woke up because the bed was dancing and the furniture was clinking (earth is shaking again at 3,20 p.m.), but the earthquake badly affected the surrounding of Ferrara (watch photos HERE) and at least 6 have died, among them 4 workers doing the night shift.

Yesterday a rudimentary deadly bomb killed a 16-year-old girl  and injured others in Brindisi, in southern Italy. All the girls were waiting near their School the start of daily lessons. The school is named after Francesca Laura  Morvillo Falcone the Italian magistrate married to Giovanni Falcone, the magistrate who spent most of his life trying to fight the Mafia. Twenty years ago, on  May 23 1992, Morvillo, Falcone and three of their body guards had been killed: a half ton bomb had been placed under the motorway between Palermo Airport and Palermo, near Capaci. That was, with the killing of the other anti-mafia magistrate Paolo Borsellino and his bodyguards on  July 19 ’92, the starting of a series of deadly attacks all around Italy that in 1992 Mafia made in an attempt to  weaken the fight against it. The fact that this new attack happened so near the date of the Capaci Massacre made think that Mafia could be responsible for it but till now, though a video showing the killer has been found, nothing is sure. Yesterday all around Italy spontaneous gatherings have been set against Mafia and to show solidarity to the girls.

Gli ultimi due giorni sono stati orribili.

Stanotte, alle 4 circa, un terremoto ha scosso l’Italia settentrionale. Io sono stata tra i fortunati che si sono soltanto svegliati per il letto che ballava e la mobilia che tintinnava (alle 3 e 20 di questo pomeriggio c’è stata una replica piuttosto forte), ma il terremoto ha colpito duramente i dintorni di Ferrara (guardate le foto QUI) e almeno 6 persone sono morte. Tra queste 4 operai impegnati nei turni di notte.

Ieri una bomba rudimentale ma mortale è esplosa a Brindisi uccidendo una ragazza di 16 anni e ferendone delle altre. Tutte le ragazze erano nei pressi della loro scuola ed attendevano di entrare. La scuola è intitolata a Francesca Laura Morbillo Falcone, magistrato e moglie del magistrato antimafia Giovanni Falcone, che morì con lui e tre uomini della scorta nell’attentato di Capaci del 23 maggio 1992. Quell’attentato insieme a quello del 19 luglio dello stesso anno in cui morirono Paolo Borsellino e la sua scorta segnò l’inizio di una serie di attacchi in tutta Italia tesi a indebolire la lotta alla mafia. Il fatto che l’attentato di sabato sia stato compiuto a ridosso dell’anniversario di Capaci ha fatto subito pensare che la mafia fosse coinvolta in qualche modo, ma finora, nonostante si sia trovato un video che mostra il probabile attentatore, nulla è certo. Nella giornata di ieri in tutto il paese si sono svolte manifestazioni contro la mafia e in solidarietà alle ragazze colpite.


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  1. restlessjo says:

    Troubled times. I’m not sure exactly how close you were to the earhquake? Closer than you’d like I’m sure, but still feeling very lucky. We have some friends who moved to live in Casola in Lunigiana last Autumn and the climate seems to have been on a roller coaster since then. I can’t talk politics and Mafia because I don’t know enough. I just wished to express my regret.

    • Ella V says:

      …not very close to the earthquake (more than 200 km), but I think that could show you how violent it was. The fact that mafia or someone else could use bomb to rise tension in Italy is really scaring, we already lived this, and the thing that someone could hit that way school girls is simply shocking. I think that yesterday spontaneous gatherings is a good news in some way.

  2. Mare F says:

    Take care of yourself and you are in my thoughts.

  3. lauren says:

    A terrible time for Italy. Stay safe.

  4. I am lost for words… my heart goes out to all those affected and in fear!

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