Countermand: the end of the world is not coming anymore! A group of archaeologists led by Professor William Saturno from Boston University found in Guatemala a series of Mayan frescoes and some astronomical calculation denying all the prophecies about December 21, 2012… also this year we’ll have to make Christmas gifts (crisis permitting)!

To know more:  At Home with the Maya by Chris Combs (

Contrordine: la fine del mondo non arriva più! Un gruppo di archeologi guidati dal Professor William Saturno ha scoperto in Guatemala una serie di dipinti murali e dei calcoli astronomici che smentiscono le profezie sul 21 dicembre 2012 … anche quest’anno ci toccherà pensare ai regali di Natale (crisi permettendo)!

Per saperne di più: Il murale che smentisce la profezia dei Maya di Chris Combs  (


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  1. I know this is an older post, but I love this!

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