Warning: This is not a new project! In fact I made this last year (and It has no name because that time I haven’t started blogging yet…), but I decided to show it to you because, though its design got little to do with my new projects, it can be a good example of how to use the same kind of cotton yarn I’m using now to make something that is perfect for hot spring or summer days.

Lacy Green (just to give it a name…) is a light weight loose-fitting shirt with a deep V neck and dropped shoulders both finished with ribbed band edges that on shoulders give the impression of a short sleeve. All around the waistline runs a lace motif.

To knit it I used 125 gr of a green lace weight 100% gassed mercerized cotton (the reason for its colour is that it was a bargain in my usual yarn company store but I don’t remember when I bought it!) and 2 mm straight needles. I knitted the bodice using a single strand of yarn and the band edges using a double strand of it to make them more consistent and avoid any easy shape loss (cotton isn’t an elastic yarn!!).

In my current projects I’m using the yarn the same way, but that’s another story I’ll tell you about soon…

The lace motif round the waistline

Attenzione: questo non è un nuovo progetto! Risale, infatti, allo scorso anno (e non ha un nome perché allora non avevo ancora iniziato a scrivere questo blog…), ma ho deciso di mostrarvelo perché, nonostante abbia poco a che fare con i miei nuovi progetti, penso sia un buon esempio di come si possa utilizzare il tipo di filato di cotone che sto usando ora per realizzare un capo perfetto per le calde giornate primaverili o estive.

Lacy Green (tanto per darle un nome…) è una maglietta leggera e dalla vestibilità morbida con un

profondo scollo a V e manica fantasia appena accennata; delle fasce a coste 1/1 rifiniscono entrambi e, di fatto, formano le cortissime maniche. Tutto intorno alla vita corre un motivo traforato.

Per realizzare questo capo ho usato 125 gr

The lace motif/ il motivo traforato

di un filato verde 100% Cotone gasato mercerizzato (la scelta del colore dipende

dal fatto che l’ho trovato in offerta nello spaccio aziendale dove mi servo di solito, anche se non ricordo quando…) e dei ferri diritti 2 mm. Ho lavorato il corpetto usando il filato così come si presenta, mentre l’ho usato doppio per realizzare le fasce a coste in modo da renderle più consistenti e resistenti a ogni possibile perdita di forma (il cotone non è molto elastico!!).

Anche per il mio progetto attuale sto usando il filato nello stesso modo, ma questa è un’altra storia che vi racconterò presto…

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17 responses »

  1. Mare F says:

    It’s lovely.

  2. It really is worth spending a bit longer on a project, knitting it with fine yarn; 2mm needles, wow, it looks just great!

  3. dearmolly says:

    Ella your sketching is gorgeous – and so are your knits. Thanks for dropping by mine, will be following you!

  4. Laura says:

    That is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing. I can’t wait to see what you knit next.

  5. crochetingdoc says:

    As always, your knitting is incredible! Good work!

  6. Kerri says:

    Your work is amazing… very fine!

  7. Funnygrrl says:

    Thanks for stopping by Falling Through Your Clothes! Your knitting is amazing. I haven’t gotten past knitting squares. It’s sewing for me! 🙂
    Your sketches are beautiful too.

  8. That is a lovely shirt! Just the right thing for warm weather.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today!

  9. Ameliabefana says:

    mi piace moltissimo complimenti!!

  10. saltymom says:

    wow , i wish i could knit like that !

  11. Mike Schultz Paintings says:

    Ella, what an awesome blog! Thank you for sharing… <<>>

  12. It’s so beautiful! I’m a crocheter and can only knit scarves right now…still trying to teach myself more knitting stitches – so needless to say, i am in awe of your wonderful work!

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