Just a sneak preview of what I’m working at… I promise, there will be more soon.

Solo un’anteprima per darvi un’idea di quello a cui sto lavorando…Lo prometto, vi farò sapere di più presto.

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I love old movies, rock music, books, art... I'm intrested in politics. I adore cats. I knit...

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  1. carpelibrum says:

    I like this a lot. Is that dropped stitch you are using in the color band to make it twice the length of the other stitches?

    • Ella V says:

      It’s not a dropped stich, is an easy colourwork: though you always knit with just one colour (A or B for instance) the final result is similar to intarsia (but much, much more easy), when you knit whit the colour B you just pass the stich you want to be made with colour A (I’ll make a chart that will make it clear).

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