Here is another chart for one of the stitches I combined in Blue Farrah. As usual a very easy one to  knit…  after all, it’s the final result that counts! Hope you’ll like it.

Ecco un’altro schema di uno dei punti che ho usato in Blue Farrah. Come al solito qualcosa di facile da sferruzzare… in fondo è il risultato finale quello che conta! Spero vi piaccia.

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I love old movies, rock music, books, art... I'm intrested in politics. I adore cats. I knit...

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  1. morezennow says:

    I couldn’t knit if my life depended on it but I sure love looking at your complicated beauty. And I love how you post in English and Italian!

  2. I love the stitch and your blog – how on earth do you produce the clear charts on the computer?

    • Ella V says:

      To make charts I use a free online knitting chart generator, then using Paint (the drawing tool you find already installed with Windows) I add some writing or colour or even I easily draw some particular stitch (for instance the flakes for Red Farrah). To find the Chart’s generator: looking at the sidebar you’ll find a box called “A list of useful links”, just click on ChartGen (the first link). Hope this will be useful.

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