To realize Red Farrah I used, as usual, a stitch very easy to be knitted that gives some movement to the cardigan’s surface. Here is the stitch’s chart. I used colours to make more evident the vertical bands that this stitch forms. Hope you’ll enjoy it.

 Per Red Farrah ho utilizzato, come al solito, un punto facile da lavorare che crea però del movimento sulla superficie del capo. Questo è lo schema che mostra come realizzarlo. Ho usato i colori al solo scopo di rendere più evidenti le bande verticali che il punto crea. Spero vi piaccia.

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  1. swindence says:

    Love the stitch! I hope to knit one of your projects some day.

  2. It is not just the stitch that is nice, it is also the chart in pretty colors and wonderful lay out!

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