Look what I’ve seen this morning outside my window. Snow has covered  Northern Italy (the Plain too). Guess what the Headlines will talk about today…
Ecco cosa ho visto stamattina dalla mia finestra. La neve ha imbiancato il Nord (pianura compresa). Indovinate di cosa parleranno oggi i TG…

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I love old movies, rock music, books, art... I'm intrested in politics. I adore cats. I knit...

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  1. rutheh says:

    Looks like winter. Our weather feels like Spring and is strange. The snow makes the world more quiet. I felt like I was looking out your window, too.

  2. cravencreativity says:

    What a beautiful and serene picture…

  3. What an inspirational view… wonderful for painting and photographs!

  4. debbie says:

    love the snow…we don’t get it often around here in red bluff, california. every once in awhile it will go crazy and dump some but not much. i recently moved to a new apartment and have a great view out my window of birds playing in the trees and bushes! helps entertain me while i’m working on the computer!

  5. Hi , Your knitted garments are amazing , and I love your choice of movies, Old Hollywood movies are the best, I watch them again and again . I especially love Now Voyager. The clothes the style ,wonderful .
    Thanks for visiting my Blog, as it means I have now dsicovered yours . Thanks

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