Easy Clint

Here is the sketch for my poncho. I’ve called it “Easy Clint”  because it’s easy to do and because Clint Eastwood is the only actor with a poncho that actually came to my mind while drawing it (do you remember Sergio Leone?). In it you can also see the yarn, the kind of wooden button I’ll use to complete the neck and a little schematic pattern showing how you should join the two parts. More soon.

Questo è il bozzetto del mio poncho. L’ho chiamato “Easy Clint” perchè è facile da realizzare e perchè Clint Eastwood è l’unico attore con un poncho che mi sia venuto in mente mentre lo disegnavo (ricordate Sergio Leone?). Potete vedere anche un campione del filato, il tipo di bottone di legno che userò per completare il collo e un piccolo schema che mostra come unire le due parti. Ne saprete di più presto.

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7 responses »

  1. lengsel says:

    what a great way to plan a project! really inspiring 🙂

  2. Marco Casagrande says:

    Questo è bello, altro che il mio post ! Ciao !

  3. facefromthepast says:

    I love this design! I’m looking forward to seeing more about this project as it progresses. 🙂

  4. hasin says:

    Its inspiring……i like that wooden button,it gives a real ethnical look to poncho.

  5. Hola! Me encantó tu blog y tu poncho, qué manera tan original de ponerle nombre, intentaré tejerlo!
    Me gustó mucho la forma en que expones tu diseño, felicidades!!!

  6. Iz says:

    Your sketches are fantastic!

  7. agujasblog says:

    Like your sketch for the poncho and i know exactly which picture of Clint Eastwood you are talking about!

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