“Say  Aaaah!”

The charming Gaston Monescu, international gentleman-crook in the delightful Lubitsch‘s film “Trouble in Paradise”, used to play the doctor to distract his victims, whack them in their head and leave them penniless. Now the Eco-doctors have found the medicine to cure all of our economic headaches. It’s a bitter one, but don’t worry, no reason to be afraid: “Just open your mouth and say Aaaah!”.

“Dite Aaaah!”

 L’affascinante Gaston Monescu, ladro-gentiluomo internazionale nel delizioso film di Lubitsch “Mancia Competente”, fingendosi un dottore distraeva le sue vittime, le colpiva alla testa e le lasciava senza un soldo. Ora gli Eco-dottori hanno finalmente trovato la medicina per tutti i nostri ecomalditesta. È una medicina amara, ma niente paura: “Aprite la bocca e dite Aaaah!!”.


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